Weight issues

Overweight: An Introduction

I don’t want to litter your news-feeds with yet more of the same information on obesity. It’s all we seem to hear and read about these days and over-exposure only leads to us glazing over and not really taking note of something that, in this case, we probably should.

What you are reading now is the introduction to a series of obesity blogs called Overweight.  In this series I will be covering what obesity is, where it is, why it’s bad, how it happens, why it happens, when it happens, who it happens to and what we can do about it.  I will be referencing quantitative data from credible sources, but also drawing on my own qualitative experience as a nutritionist, since I believe that obesity is a complex issue and greatly misunderstood by even the most trusted of health organisations. My aim is to make it something that people better understand and feel more equipped to deal with.  The series is designed for those who struggle with their weight but also for anyone who wants to be better informed.  It will also be useful for parents who wish to prevent childhood obesity at home.

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bread made with untreated flour

A bit of chlorine with your bread, madam?

Last Friday afternoon I ate some bread that tasted of bleach.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I cut into a “fresh”, “organic” wholemeal loaf from Sainsburys, cut the slice in half and buttered it.  I handed Lexi one half and bit into the other.  After three chews I spat out what I had in my mouth and immediately wrestled the bread off Lexi.  What should have been a warm, squishy and comforting tea time snack was, instead, a mouthful of vile, toxic mush.  I was horrified, and incredibly angry.

Only a few weeks earlier I experienced something similar with Clarence Court eggs in that they smelt and tasted of chlorine.  Now, either I am unlucky or this a worrying sign that the chemical processing of food is on the rise.  I fear the latter.

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little strawberries cookery school

The Little Strawberries Summer Cookery School for Children

I’m excited.  During the summer holidays I will be running the Little Strawberries Summer Cookery School for Children from my village home in Stoke Sub Hamdon, which is just 25 minutes from Sherborne via the A303 or Yeovil.  The school is designed for parents and little ones aged 0-10 years and will run 10.00 am to 12.30pm each Monday morning, from July 30th to September 3rd.

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Organic allotment

The Benefits of Growing your Own

I was up at the allotment checking my potatoes yesterday and started thinking about why growing my own has become a favourite past time.  I haven’t been doing it that long, but it brings me such joy and I genuinely get excited about going up there and checking on progress.  A lot of people ask why I bother – “Isn’t it easier and cheaper just to nip to the supermarket?”. Sure, I suppose the financial savings are negligible when you’re doing it on a small scale and, yes, nipping to the co-op is probably quicker.

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child nutrition

What’s on the kids’ menu?

I love working with babies and children.  There is nothing more satisfying that watching little ones devour their food with that intense hunger that comes with new life.  I feel excited when my little clients start to eat better, and as a mum I am fulfilled and relaxed when Lexi has a good appetite for what I cook her. It makes me smile when she eats; fists clenched around a piece of mackerel or a giant strawberry, and olive oil smeared all over her chops.

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Mediterranean Coast

Why an Aegean & Mediterranean Diet?

Imagine yourself sitting in a sun-drenched outdoor café on the banks of the Greek Mediterranean shore.  The vast turquoise sea meets the brilliant blue sky, and everything around you seems influenced by sea and sky, from the aquamarine-painted tables and chairs of the café to the foamy-white buildings and small shops jutting out over the seawall where the Mediterranean laps and splashes.  The warm sun on your shoulders and the cool sea breeze on your face enhance the spectacular view, as the fragrance of white flowers scaling a peach-coloured trellis above your table mingles with the smells of salt and sea……

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January detox

Stop detoxing in January

It is generally accepted that after weeks of festive indulgence the right thing to do in January is detox.  Unless you’re the sort of person who can shrug off any hangover and glow like a skincare model after weeks of cheese, mince pies and canapes you’ll probably have had the ‘D’ word at the back of your mind for a while now.

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