Happy Family



“We asked Hayley to review our meal plans to make sure we are covering off all the vitamins and minerals our 3 year old needs as we were concerned about his energy levels.  Hayley has given us really clear, practical direction and managed to cut through the overload of information we were getting swamped with online.  As a parent it can sometimes be daunting asking for help on things you think you should just know but Hayley’s approach is so friendly and down to earth it’s like talking to a (very knowledgeable!) friend.”

Child Nutrition Client, Sherborne


“At the grand old age of 81 I am feeling more confident and motivated than I have done in twenty years.  Hayley’s Mediterranean approach to food has inspired me to cook more from scratch and feel passionate about what myself and my husband eat.  Looking back I can see that I had slipped into a bit of a depressed slump but now  I have a whole new lease for life. I feel alive and full of purpose again.”


Cardiac Client

"A normal, healthy heart has a left ventricle ejection fraction of 55%. (This is the amount of blood the heart pumps out with each contraction) On the day of my admission mine was measured at 40% with substantial muscle damage. This is dangerously low. After 3 months of working with Hayley and following her guidance my heart has recovered to 50% LVEF!!"



“Hayley is amazing.  She really got me back to love cooking again and having variety in my food.  She really taught me a lot about what’s best to spend money on and how water is so important and why.   She really listened to my current situation with work and how we could best deal with brining in new foods.  Thank you Hayley.”

Weight loss client, Yeovil


"We asked Hayley to come and help us after our 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s.   Hayley was fantastic in starting with an in-depth allergy test which we discovered Steph was intolerant to meat, something we hadn't thought about.
Hayley and Steph worked together choosing meal plans and cooking together.  Steph found Hayley great fun and easy to talk to. She has a great way about her that makes you feel at ease, but also has a vast amount of knowledge to help you. Thank you so, so much for helping Steph I hope we can keep our friendship and cross paths again."

Poole, 5* Facebook Review

Ulcerative Colitis Client

"I met with Hayley to gain a better understanding of what a balanced and nutritionally complete diet looks like and to speak with her about my body confidence issues since having a baby. Despite being pregnant (again!) for the five weeks of consultations, the knowledge and menu plans Hayley gave me were brilliant. They are really proof that you are what you eat and I feel better about myself and have more energy, eating a nutritionally balanced and complete diet."


Weight Loss Client

"Lovely friendly sessions that got my fussy daughter interested in trying more foods by involving her in the whole process from ground to plate. it inspired me to try more cooking with her and to attempt new recipes. the relaxed atmosphere with play breaks and small groups made it easy for all children to get involved and feel like they had accomplished something. we all had a fantastic time and can't wait to come again!"


Nursery School Owner

"Working closely with Hayley for 10 weeks I went on a strict detox plan, I have now completed this 10 week plan and can honestly say I feel the best I’ve felt in a very long time, I’m so happy to say I have been symptom free for roughly 6 weeks now and off my medication 🙂 throughout the whole process she has been amazing and very supportive, I cannot recommend Hayley enough. Thank you so much xxx"



"I have been on every diet you can think of and got to the stage where I didn’t have any idea what food to buy each week...low fat...no fat....sugar-free....you name it, it’s all forced in our faces. So I contacted Hayley and she has completely transformed the way I look at food.  I cook with oil, have butter and home-made dressings on all my salad. Nothing in my house says low fat or no fat. Yes, it’s been a slow process, but my weight is going down bit by bit and most of all I’m enjoying cooking and eating with real ingredients.  I’m so thankful for Hayley for not only giving me the right tools to do this but for also helping me like me again.  I feel fabulous. Thank you Hayley you’re my star. "

Weight Loss Client, Yeovil - 5* Facebook Review

Bariatric patient

"Hayley is very friendly and approachable, she is also a very knowledgeable nutritionist.  I contacted her as I have found it difficult these past few years to lose weight (to the point where I had put down a deposit for bariatric surgery) and was constantly drawn to yo-yo dieting; Hayley provided me with bespoke one to one sessions and gave me the motivation I needed to start a healthy eating plan and break bad habits.  Hayley is always on the end of the phone and regularly gives support through text messages, making sure I keep on track.  Would highly recommend."



“Myself and my husband Chris both work full time so preparing healthy weekday food for us and our son was proving to be a nightmare.  With Hayley’s help I now understand what really constitutes ‘healthy’ and can confidently prepare quick evening meals that taste great and fill us all up because they are full of goodness. Her passion and intuitive understanding of Southern European food and lifestyle  is inspiring and I now understand so much more about the ‘essential factors’ of a healthy diet.”

Working Mum, Exeter


"Hayley was really fantastic. Her expertise was required to help my mother with a nutrition plan having recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and help me with a detox plan with the goal of losing weight. Her assessment was spot on and her manner was professional, relaxed and engaging. She is passionate and knowledgeable on her subject. My mother is eating a balanced diet and I have lost weight on a sensible and delicious plan!! I cannot recommend her enough. Good common-sense advice delivered with empathy and precision."

Wincanton, 5* Facebook Review


"I’ve just finished an intensive 4 sessions with Hayley. I needed guidance to clarify mixed messages about what foods are good for you and to reverse my heart condition. That’s a big ask but I feel a huge improvement already. I have been deeply impressed with her knowledge base and her menus all make sense. She has provided a great blueprint for life and the right approach to food. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has a need or wants to know more about great food that’s good for you."



“Hayley came and cooked a three course dinner at our house.  What a lovely experience it was – totally taken care of – from ordering ingredients, taking account of dietary requirements and matching some fantastic wines.  Such delicious food – each course better than the one before.  It was a great treat and well worth it – thank you Hayley!”

Osteopath & Private Cooking Client, South Petherton


“Hayley worked closely with me over a number of weeks to make our canteen menu more nutritious and appealing.  Her vast knowledge of homely, nutritious cooking combined with my cost understanding meant that together we were able to create a tasty and accessible menu that was more profitable and healthy.  Cleverly assembled  meal deals meant that the sales of water and fruit shot up! Six months later we are looking at a happier, healthier and more productive work force.”

Head Chef @Dalehead Foods for Waitrose 


“I came to Hayley when I was going through a different time with my health and cooking.  I really needed some support through a very difficult time when I had to manage so many different life-changing aspects, which meant that my food intake wasn’t great and had become a bit of a hassle.  Hayley has really helped me to get back to enjoying cooking and knowing what dietary aspects are important on a daily basis.  She has taught me that fat is good for you! She really spent the time getting to know me, supported me through the changes and provided me with high-level knowledge, which I now use with confidence.  I highly recommend Hayley with her open and honest approach.”


Brownies Lead

"Just wanted to thank you Hayley for guiding our village Brownie group of girls through a 4 week course to do their Advanced cooks badge! We have all learnt so much from nutrition to skills in the kitchen and cleaning, and delicious cooking. The girls have clearly loved it. You have been very organised and so thoughtfully put together to cover all the criteria whilst keeping it light hearted and fun. 5 stars."

Stoke Sub Hamdon

Digestive issues

"Within 2 weeks of seeing Hayley I had my results and she worked out a plan for how I could detox from ALL my food allergies and how we could build up from there. I started to feel the benefits straight away, my asthma was better, less fatigue, slept better, my IBS got so much better and I felt for the first time in years HEALTHY."


Severe IBS client

"I suppose if you are reading this you are already at a stage of wanting to embrace a positive change.  My advice would be book an appointment now.  Having lived with discomfort, disillusionment and distress with eating from university days until now at age 37 due to IBS, as a mother I wanted to lead by example and find better coping strategies.  Booking an appointment with Hayley has been my best decision this year.

In Hayley I found someone positive and professional who set plans, challenged old habits and encouraged true self reflection.  I have been able to find joy, options and positive management of food and me!  What more could I ask?  Thank you Hayley".

Julian Yorke

"Hayley was more than we could have hoped for. She was personable, informative and engaging, dealing gracefully with some challenging circumstances on the day. She gave a presentation that was passionate and contained specific actions attendees could implement for a healthier lifestyle. We would have no qualms booking Hayley again."

Global Community Engagement Manager, Clarks Shoes